Sunday, January 11, 2015

Shark Attack in Los Osos California

Shark Attack: Local surfer attacked at Sandspit beach Los Osos, California where a juvenile great white shark pulled a man underneath the surfaceA man surfing on the Central California coast by a juvenile great white shark and bitten in the hip on Sunday before he could paddle to shore, where he received help from two doctors who happened to be on the beach, a witness said on Sunday.
He paddled to shore for his life people stated "He was full of adrenaline. He peddled so fast out of there," witness two people said in a video taken shortly after the attack.

People that witnessed the shark attack said that they were blessed to see a man in his 50s paddle back to shore after a shark had taken a chunk out of his hip. The beach remained open, but signs were posted for three days warning the public of the attack, Supervising State Park Ranger Robert Colligan told the San Luis Obispo Tribune. He said if there is another shark sighting, the signs will remained up for another three days.

The victim was below the water for several seconds before he surfaced on his damaged board.

The man, who lives in the San Luis Obispo area sustained cuts to his right hip and was flown to a local hospital for treatment. The 11:30 a.m. attack happened at the Sand Spit Beach just north of Montana De Oro State Park just west of San Luis Obispo.


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